Terra Verde Renewable Partners, LLC

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Larkspur, CA 94939

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Company Description:

TerraVerde is the leading independent energy consulting firm focused on large-scale energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for California public agencies. Our roles include: Advisor - TerraVerde performs investment grade project feasibility assessments and financial analysis to assist public agencies in determining if investments in energy efficiency, solar energy and energy storage projects are financially viable, on a risk-adjusted basis. Owner's Representative - TerraVerde performs/provides all necessary project development, site audits, due diligence, initial design, technical specifications, detailed scope of work descriptions, contracts, and energy/savings guarantees in support of the client’s financial objectives, and then manages a comprehensive competitive bid process, ensuring that the client receives the highest value products and services for their investment. Project Manager - TerraVerde oversees the design, engineering and construction process, acting as intermediary between clients and contractors, ensuring that projects are completed on-time and on-budget. Asset Manager - TerraVerde stays on long after project commissioning and start-up to ensure the systems meet all performance specifications and energy production guarantees, and that savings targets are met and investment returns are realized. Through its comprehensive Asset Management Services (AMS) program TerraVerde managing all aspects of systems monitoring, operations, maintenance, warranty support, performance metrics, and annual financial reporting. The AMS program also tracks project-related incentives, rebates and registration of renewable energy certificates (RECs) for our clients. In these roles, TerraVerde assists its clients realize significant energy savings through conservation and demand management, energy efficiency upgrades/retrofits, solar energy generation and energy storage. Additionally, through these projects, TerraVerde helps its clients lower greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate the development of green jobs. The TerraVerde Difference - What makes TerraVerde uniquely qualified to be your energy partner? We are INDEPENDENT - TerraVerde is your independent energy advisor – we have no economic interest in any contractors, suppliers, distributors, equipment manufacturers, or project finance capital sources. This independence allows TerraVerde to be your unconditional advocate throughout the entire project development process. Our deep technical background gives us the ability to justify a project's value based simply on the fundamentals – Physics and Finance. Our process is TRANSPARENT - When asked about TerraVerde’s project development process, our clients often say: "TerraVerde runs a completely open book process". It's our policy to run a transparent process where the clients are always provided detailed documentation to support our evaluations, findings and recommendations. We've even designed our compensation model to be as transparent as possible; our fee is "at risk" and is earned only if the projects we develop are implemented. This means no hidden charges for initial assessments and recommendations that are provided ahead of final design. TerraVerde earns its compensation only after the project is determined to be economically feasible, is fully authorized by the client, and proceeds to construction. Our services are COMPREHENSIVE - TerraVerde's comprehensive approach also means that our work continues after ribbon-cutting. TerraVerde remains connected to the project, managing its physical and financial performance through full-service asset management programs, including state-of-the-art monitoring systems and regular financial savings reporting. We build lasting relationships with our clients by focusing on the long-term health and performance of their facilities portfolios. Our most vital asset is your TRUST - TerraVerde was founded upon a culture of integrity, loyalty and trust. When you interact with our people, you will understand quickly that these values define everything that we do. We listen carefully to our clients' objectives and we are loyal to these objectives at all times. Public Agency Projects Focused exclusively on developing energy savings projects for our public agency clients, TerraVerde has tapped the industry experience of its team members to build an advanced analytics and financial modeling platform, and honed our processes over scores of projects during the past 7 years. The needs of public agencies are unique, requiring the experience and understanding of a trusted partner to ensure project development success in the context of agency politics, procedure, and capabilities. TerraVerde’s Energy Program Development services are turnkey, comprehensive, and provide client-sided expertise for delivering high value projects. In the event that a high-value project cannot be procured as projected, TerraVerde does not collect a fee, having developed the program at its own risk. This approach eliminates the need to speculate with tax payer funds on an energy project, and aligns the interests of the firm and the client. Our holistic approach to energy program development includes demand side management, energy conservation measures (ECMs) rate optimization, low cost renewable energy generation sources, and energy storage. Once strategy and scope are finalized, clients can expect best possible value for their projects due to TerraVerde’s in-house engineering talent, proven competitive bid process, design/construction management experience, project finance expertise, and systems operations capabilities. Long-term Asset Management Services provide clients with an option to retain TerraVerde for the care and maintenance of the systems implemented, and the financial reporting necessary to track projected returns.

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