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Oakland, CA 94607

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Company Description:

Geosyntec provides the full spectrum of surface and groundwater services needed to address complex issues involving existing supply and sustainable management for the future. We deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions involving water management, natural resources, and civil infrastructure. Our scientists and engineers partner with diverse stakeholder groups to develop and enhance sustainable water resources, while balancing the benefits between population centers and water-dependent ecosystems.

Examples of our services in the areas of water resources, water supply development, and water conservation include:

Source Water Analysis

Computational Modeling

Water Rights and Water Use Permitting

Production Well, Diversion, Conveyance System Design

Stream Systems Analyses

Stormwater Management

Geotechnical Support

We have served municipalities and local/regional agencies throughout the United States continually since our founding in 1983, providing services in environmental consulting, natural resources management, and engineering design and construction management. We work closely with clients to address today's environmental challenges, such as beneficial reuse of closed landfills and protective strategies for watershed management. Geosyntec has completed thousands of projects worldwide with an outstanding safety record. We deliver advanced solutions to clients from more than 80 offices throughout the United States and at select locations in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.

Geosyntec professionals design and implement practical, often innovative solutions that help our clients meet management objectives as well as resolve the site-specific technical challenges. We have also helped our clients identify funding mechanisms and secure grants to provide needed capital for projects. Geosyntec is accustomed to operating in accord with the contracting and reporting requirements of local governments, and we routinely help clients to meet management goals in many areas, such as minority business utilization and local subcontracting. Our practitioners are also skilled in supporting public relations efforts. For example, we provide technical information to stakeholders and public interest groups in everyday language, and host public meetings that promote understanding and teamwork.

Additionally, as a top-rated Engineering News-Record (ENR) Environmental Design firm, Geosyntec specializes in top tier services to meet our clients’ needs in the following areas:

Site assessment and remediation services

Environmental management and strategic planning

Brownfields site redevelopment

Solid waste management and facility design

Wastewater management

Water supply management

Stormwater and watershed management

Wetlands protection and restoration

Human health and ecological risk assessment

Environmental site assessment for real estate transactions (due diligence)

Grant writing and implementation

Regulatory liaison

Litigation support

We are internationally known for our technical leadership, broad experience, and exceptional client service.


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